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< prev - next > Energy Stoves and Ovens appropriate_household_energy (Printable PDF)
Guide participants to identify the type of activity and the energy it requires. Such activities include
cooking, warming, branding, etc
Let the participants identify who undertakes each of these activities
Record the findings in a table form on charts.
(More examples and information can be obtained from “the PEOPLE Approach manual,” a
publication of IT Kenya).
Topic 1.2: Participatory planning for energy projects
To identify ways through which technical change can take place by involving women and men in
planning energy activities.
To examine communities’ capability in innovating methods to ensure sustainable energy use
Time: three and a half hours
Content and procedure
Guide communities to map out how they would like their environment to look and why it is
Discuss factors hindering community participation in energy projects
Establish the community’s understanding of the energy problems as identified in the energy needs
Identify strategies for addressing identified energy problems
Guide communities to prioritize and choose energy technology options
With reference to the options chosen, guide them to establish gender concerns in technology
design and generation as outlined in the theme on technology design and generation.