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< prev - next > Energy Stoves and Ovens appropriate_household_energy (Printable PDF)
Issues identified for training
B1. Energy technology and
development issues
Planning household energy
B2 Energy technology design and
(The following are used as
Mud and ceramic stove
production techniques.
Kiln construction
B3 Technology choice
Appropriateness of different types
of stove technologies and other
household energy options.
To enable participants to acquire
participatory skills for recognizing
the need for, and initiating
household energy related
To enable participants to assess
the need for household energy
technologies and match them
with appropriate technology
To build institutional and
individual capacity to design the
household energy technologies
Concepts/skills trained
Simplified skills for
identifying household energy
problems and solutions.
Identification of strategies for
assessing the appropriateness
of existing indigenous
Skills for planning household
energy projects.
Time trend analysis of
technological innovations on
stove designs within the
region, country, locality
Gender concern in technology
design and generation
Material selection and mixing
Skills for constructing
different stove types.
Expected outputs
Increased ability to work
towards achievement of
sustainable energy use
Household energy problems
Levels of demand and supply
for household energy
technologies determined in
relation to type of technology
design (stove).
Ability gained to undertake
decisions on appropriateness
of design structures
Technologies designed to
meet the needs of users
To enable participants to examine
factors that determine the choice
of, and appropriateness of
technology options available, in
order to assist communities to
gain sustainable development
To enable participants to
appreciate the labour and cash
investment needed to acquire
identified technologies
To discuss factors that might
affect sustainability of the
Determining the choice of a
Gender relations analysis in
the household decision
Expenditure/income decisions
(control and access to income
and other resources)
Efficient use of resources
available to communities to
acquire appropriate
Knowledge of options of
technologies utilised to make
appropriate choices
Use of family resources to
acquire technologies