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Scientific name:
Arundinaria alpina
Local names:
Kamba (Muangi); Kikuyu (Murangi); Kipsigis (Terga); Luo (Mwodi); Maasai (Oldiani); Marakwet (Terga); Nandi (Tegat); Ogiek (Tegat); Sabaot (Tegendet): Swahili (Mwanzi); Taita (Mrangi)
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General Distribution:
The species forms the bamboo zone in moist highlands at 2,400 - 3,000 m. Found in the Timboroa Plateau and on Mts Kenya and Elgon and on Loita Hills and the Mau Range.

General Information about the Tree:
The Maasai make snuff containers from the stems. Plants die down after flowers and seeds are formed. All bamboos belong to the grass family

Biophysical Limits:
It has an upper limit of 3,360m. Agro-ecological zones I-II.
Propagation and Tree Management
Bamboo may be found in plantations, on boundaries, in groves and in soil protection areas Propagation may be through rhizomes, natural regeneration, seedlings (possible though rare). The seeds watered daily will germinate readily.

  • Bamboo may be used as fodder.
  • Making of furniture
  • Source of poles for construction, utensils, food (shoots), fencing, and handicraft, (basketry)

  • Ornamental
  • Soil conservation
Pests and Diseases
There is no information about the disease and pests that affect A. alpine. It is not a serious problem though.
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