Infonet Plant Health

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  • Crops, fruits, vegetables and grains
    Description of main crops, fruits, grains and vegetables: Organic plant husbandry, Soil- and water management, Identification of pests and diseases

  • Pests and diseases
    Images for identification, Symptoms, Sustainable preventive and curative management, Biology and ecology of the main plant pests and diseases

  • Medicinal plants
    Agronomic aspects, Medicinal properties and uses, Nutritional values, Recipes for Artemisia, Mondia, Moringa, Neem, Ocimum kilimandscharicum, Pelargonium, Prunus africana, Sutherlandia, Tamarind

  • Fruit and vegetable processing
    Tomato preservation, Vegetable preserves, Drying of fruit and vegetables

  • Natural pest control
    Description of different control methods: Biopesticides (Bt, Copper, Sulphur), Biofumigation, Flour-preparation, Hot-water treatment, Plants with crop protection properties, Plant extracts (Garlic, Neem, Pyrethrum), Natural enemies, Soap-Spray, Solarization, Traps and bagging

  • Cultural control practices
    Organic plant nutrition, Composting, Field sanitation, Green manure / Cover Crop Legumes, Crop rotation, Intercropping and Push-pull, Mulching, Conservation tillage, Weed management