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< prev - next > Transport and infrastructure Animal transport KnO 100392_The Donkey Cart and Ambulance (Printable PDF)
Manufacturing the donkey cart and ambulance
Practical Action
3. The manufacturer of this cart has been suffering problems from the original
design as the axle would break off from the frame due to a small contact surface
area. The following modification is suggested to prevent the problem from
continuing. Firstly, an angle iron brackets need to be made with 12mm
clearance holes in the middle of one side.
4. Each bracket is welded either side of the axle angle iron frame (Part A) in line
with the side frame (Frame – Part C, Sub frame), with the clearance hole facing
up, see diagram 13.
Diagram 13. End view of axle and support bracket
2" 50
R1/2" or 7 mm
5. Using 12 mm bolts secure the axle into position. Alternatively use the bolts
for positioning and weld in place.
6. The wheels can now be put on to either end of the axle, this is easiest with
the cart upside down. Tap the wheel gently with a soft hammer at all points on
the wheel to ensure even distribution of force (ideally a press should be used).
7. With the wheel in place slide on a washer and lightly secure the 12 mm nut
being careful not to over tighten them.
Note: Please see Technical Drawing Number DC- 01 and DC - 02 for more details
6. Ambulance conversion
6.1 Parts List