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Well designed posters usually use striking visual images, and often communicate a message
in a provocative, inspiring or humorous way. In their simplest form, posters can be hand
drawn in small numbers and displayed within a community to publicise a local issue or event.
More sophisticated posters may be designed to convey a message to a larger number of
people, over a longer time period. The production of durable posters will require access to
printing services and may require the skills of a graphic artist.
Advantages of Posters
Simple posters can be designed and produced by adults and children in any community. They
can be designed to communicate local issues using images which are familiar and appropriate
for that location.
Communicate visually which can be good for non-literate audiences.
Can be publicly displayed to reach a wide audience.
Are often used to decorate homes and offices, thereby serving as a constant reminder
of the message.
How to use Posters
Be clear about the message to be conveyed, and
the intended audience. Ensure the design
effectively conveys the central message.
Think about the visual impact of the design, use
eye-catching or interesting images and colours.
Work out what resources will be needed to make
posters (large sheets of paper, paints etc.) or the
costs of design and printing for producing larger
Consider designing posters on a computer, but
remember the size will be confined to the paper
size in the printer.
Posters may be displayed indoors or outdoors on
walls, trees, etc. remember that wind and rain
will damage posters placed outdoors.
Constraints of Posters
A poster encouraging the use of
Posters are limited to conveying simple
messages. They cannot communicate complex
techniques which reduce the
use of firewood
issues or processes.
Posters communicate ‘one way’, the audience cannot ask questions or receive direct
Production costs may be prohibitive.
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