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Newsletters and Booklets
Practical Action
Real Life Story
Local Newsletter for Local Residents
In September 2001 the ‘Kitale’ newsletter was first published. This was a new newsletter
produced specifically for the residents of Kitale town in Western Kenya. The editor, Mr Otieno
Mboya explained the objectives of the newsletter in his first editorial, ‘ To keep residents of
Kitale informed about development activities in Kitale and the rest of the country and to
provide a forum for organisations and individuals to share experiences, exchange views and
up-date the community on their activities’.
Kitale is published 3 times a year, and has sections
which include local news, opinions from community
members and information on a variety of development
topics. The newsletter remains very popular amongst
residents, but the publishers, Kitale Municipal Council,
experience ongoing challenges. The financing of the
newsletter remains difficult: efforts to attract
advertisers have not proved very successful and a small
price to readers has to be charged. Members of the
editorial board have to offer their time voluntarily.
Collecting material for each issue of the newsletter is
also a challenge, although readers are always
encouraged to contribute, it can be difficult to get non-
literate members of the town to contribute.
Real life story courtesy of Practical Action East Africa
BP-PUP project
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This document is based on the Micro Media Card Pack: A Tool Kit for Community
Development Workers produced by Practical Action in October 2003. Reproduced
as a Technical Brief in October 2007.
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