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A wall newspaper is a hand-written or printed local newspaper that is pasted to a wall or a
notice board in public places. It is very popular in Nepal and India, particularly in places
where access to conventional newspapers is limited.
Wall newspapers are usually locally produced on large sheets of thick paper. They sometimes
incorporate illustrations and photographs as well as text. Wall newspapers feature local
information and news that is useful or interesting to the villagers. Some include space for
Advantages of Wall Newspapers
The main advantage of wall
newspapers is that they offer ‘a voice’
to the community. People have easy
access to the editor and local
journalists and this means people’s
stories and opinions can be
published, and the content is locally
relevant and interesting.
It can be produced in the
local language
It is free to the reader
There are no high printing
and distribution costs.
How to Use Wall Newspapers
To produce a wall newspaper it is
necessary to identify or train local
Preparing a wall newspaper, Dharan, Eastern Nepal
people to become editors and
reporters. These people should be able to accurately represent the views of their community,
especially the most disadvantaged people whose views are seldom heard.
Determine the frequency of publication, the newspaper name, and the number of
copies to be produced.
Calculate the costs involved in production.
Consider presentation and layout - use simple language, large bold type and plenty of
images such as photographs and cartoons.
Collect local material for publication e.g. success / failure stories, ideas for local
development initiatives and local news and events.
Display the wall newspapers in locations where different community groups feel
welcome (this may differ between men, women and children or between castes)
Constraints of Wall Newspapers
The audience require some literacy.
Some journalism and editorial skills are required in production.
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