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Product description
Green mango pickle is a hot, spicy pickle with a sour taste
that is eaten as a condiment. It is made from unripe green
mangoes that are fermented with lactic acid bacteria.
Preservation is through a combination of salt, increased
acidity (lactic acid) and to a small extent the added
10kg green mango
4kg salt
100g turmeric
Spices to taste (0.2-0.4kg mustard seed, roasted to a
light brown colour; 0.2-0.4kg fenugreek
roasted to a light brown colour; 0.2-0.5kg
chilli powder; 1.0-1.25kg edible oil;
roasted asafoetida to taste)
Figure 1: Mangoes in
Bangladesh. Photo: Practical
Action / Zul.
Raw material preparation
Select fresh, firm, fully mature but unripe mangoes. The best pickles are obtained from fruit at
early maturity when the fruit has reached almost maximum size. Soft ripe mangoes cannot be
used to make this fermented pickle as they are sweeter and have the wrong texture they can be
used for fruit chutney, jam or fruit leather (see the relevant technical briefs).
Sort the green mangoes and remove any damaged fruit. Wash well in clean potable water and
drain. Remove the stone. Cut the fruit into small, uniform sized pieces. Hold the cut pieces in a
salt solution (2-3%) to prevent browning. Sharp knives with preferably stainless blades should
be used. Iron or copper equipment should be avoided as this stains the flesh of the fruit. A
single stroke should be used during the cutting process to ensure minimum damage and avoid
mushiness in the final product.
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