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< prev - next > Food processing Pickles and vinegars KnO 100196_Chutneys and Sauces (Printable PDF)
Chutneys and sauces
Practical Action
Processing notes
Preparation of raw materials
Select good quality fully ripe red fruits that are free from infection, mould or rot. If available,
choose the ‘plum’ type of tomatoes as these have a high solids content. Blanch in hot water for
3-5 minutes until the skin is loosened. Remove the skin. Chop or pulp the tomato in a hand
grinder or a pulper, depending on what is available.
Mixing ingredients
Tie the spices in a small muslin bag, add to the tomatoes with 500g of sugar and the chopped
Heat the mixture of tomato and spices to below boiling point in a heavy pan. Stir it continuously
to prevent burning at the base of the pan. Continue to heat until the mixture has reduced to half
the original volume. Remove the spice bag and add the remaining sugar, salt and vinegar.
Continue heating for 5-10 minutes. Check the final total soluble solids (10-12%) with a
Let the sauce cool to about 80°C and hot-fill the sterilised bottles or jars. Close the lids tightly
and cool to room temperature.
Label the product with the product name, date of manufacture, use by date, ingredients, weight,
brand name and name of manufacturer.
If adequately packaged and stored in a cool place, the sauce can be stored for up to a year
without any loss of flavour or taste. It should be stored out of direct sunlight to avoid any loss of
Lapsi pickle
Lapsi is a small tree fruit that is found in Nepal and India. It can be used to make pickle. The
amounts of spices added can be varied according to local taste and preference.
Peeled and stoned lapsi (1kg)
Sugar (1 kg)
Salt 30g
Vegetable oil (250ml)
Coriander 40g
Cumin 50g
Cloves (3-4 pieces)
Cardamom (3-4 pieces)
Chillies (10-12)
Pepper (30g)
Ground ginger (5g)
Processing notes
Preparation of raw materials
Select ripe fruits that are free from bruising and damage. Wash in clean water. Boil the fruit in
water (lapsi:water = 2:1) until the skin of the fruit splits. Drain the water using a sieve. Remove
the peel manually and take out the seeds from the centre of the fruit. Weigh the peeled and de-
seeded fruit into a large pan.