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Run off rainwater harvesting
Practical Action
Figure 2: Measurement taken for radius
of the tank
Figure 3: Pit for the tank construction
Now dig-out the soil within this circle.
The tank should have a slope of about one foot from the periphery to the middle of
the tank. Figure 4 will give a side view of the tank.
Walls of the tank
1.75 m
Figure 4: Cross section of a tank
After the soil has been removed, a 10 cm slab of concrete has to be laid at the
bottom of the tank. The ratio of sand, cement and metal stone in the concrete
mixture should be 1: 2: 4
After the slab of concrete is hardened and has completely dried, construct the walls
one foot in height from the inlet with a width of one brick. It is important to use
bricks with dimensions of: 5cm x 10cm x 23cm for this purpose. The cement
mixture should have a ratio of cement to sand of 4:1.