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Underground rainwater harvesting
Practical Action
Photo-manuals by Eric Nissen-Petersen. A range of manuals on how to build a number of
tank types including: cylindrical water tanks with dome, an underground tank, smaller
water tanks and jars, installation gutters and splash-guards, available from the author at:
P.O. Box 38, Kibwezi, Kenya.
Rainwater Catchment Systems Reflections and Prospects, John Gould, Waterlines
Vol.18 No. 3, January 2000.
Domestic Water Supply Using Rainwater Harvesting, by T.H.Thomas, Director of the
Development Technology Unit (DTU), University of Warwick. The article is available on
DTU’s Website
Waterlines back issues containing rainwater harvesting articles: Vols 17(3), 16(4), 15(3),
14(2), 11(4), 8(3), 7(4), 5(4), 5(3), 4(4), 4(3), 3(3), 3(2), 3(1), 2(4), 2(1), 1(1).
Mvua ni Maji Rain is Water, Rainwater Harvesting by Women’s Groups in Kenya, FAKT,
1996. 27 min VHS/PAL. A Kenyan film team documented this success story on the
occasion of the visit of a delegation of Ugandan women who came to learn the skills of
rainwater harvesting from their Kenyan sisters. Available through FAKT
A Gift from the Sky An Overview of Roofwater Harvesting in Sri Lanka. Available from
the Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum
Construction of Water Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting a video manual prepared by Eric
Nissen-Petersen (see above).
Rock Catchments. Several designs of rock catchment system looked at in detail by Erik
Douglas Gumbo
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