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Passion fruit growing in Peru
Practical Action
However, Yolanda Morales had no idea about the best way to grow passion fruit, so she asked
her son to find out from some contact in Lima. He did what all city dwellers now do when they
need information: he logged onto the Internet. There he took advantage of the Technical
Enquiry Services provided by Practical Action to request the information. “My son contacted
Miss Giannina Solari and almost immediately she gave him the instructions”. Thanks to this
service, they received all the information they needed, from the type of wire to use for sowing
to the kind of insecticide required to eliminate parasites, taking advantage of pollen and crop
adaptation techniques.
Yolanda Morales’ son went even further and enquired about avocados as well, a crop they had
already grown without much success, and also granadilla, a future plan. The crops began to
bear fruit quickly. Avocadoes have adapted well in Yolanda’s farm and are growing without any
problem. The fundamental first batch of passion fruit was also positive. “Based on that test, I
estimate that by the end of June we will have a significant harvest and will be able to market
the passion fruit”. The plan to grown granadillas is in process. The first test has not appeared
yet, but Yolanda has faith.
When the agrarian reform was applied in Peru, Vilcahuaura was one of the many areas
affected. The Perez Gallo family lost their estate and the extensive farmland they owned was
distributed among various families. Because she was an only child, Yolanda Morales inherited
the area assigned to her parents and she decided she would take full advantage of it rather
than neglect it as many of her fellow countrymen did. Gradually she built up a decent area to
cultivate and even though she has always had to deal with abusive merchants and low prices,
she managed to get ahead.