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Passionflower is a rustic, adaptable crop. The plant is a fast-growing perennial climber with a
tough, woody texture; the fruit is a large, egg-shaped berry measuring up to 10cm across and
weighing up to 90g.
The many varieties of passion fruit vary according to their coastal or forest location. Typical
varieties are Hawaii, Brasil and Venezuela.
The passionflower grows in warm regions of 20-30°C temperature, with a minimum annual
rainfall of 1,500mm3.
Soils should be loose, well-drained and at least 1m deep, and without problems of salinity.
Blights and Disease
Blights: Plant lice, worms, citrus red mites (Panonychus citri), and green scale (coccus viridis,
an insect pest of citrus plants.)
Disease: virosis (diseases caused by viruses)
The fruit is harvested eight months after planting.
The fruits are at optimum maturity when they fall from the mother plant.
Over-frequent pruning is ill-advised, as this can diminish production and hinder the growth of
the plant.
Pruning does reduce risk of blights and disease but should only be carried out when necessary,
such as to prevent the plant growing too heavy or to cut back vegetation that will hinder
Post harvest
Windfall fruits should be gathered at least once a week, in order for them not to deteriorate.
Fruits should be in could condition, without bruises, insect holes or phyto-pathological
Once gathered, place the passion fruits in a cold, dry place: 4-6°C, with a high level of
To give the fruits a smooth and even appearance, seal them in plastic bags.
The main problem with exporting passion fruit is a significant shrinking (loss of weight),
causing the outer skin to wrinkle.
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