World Possible's Peacebuilding Module

A List of Resources (English)

Activity Pack: Women's Rights - From Amnesty International
Human rights education activities for use in teaching gender issues relating to language, stereotyping and socialised inequalities for ages 11 - 18

Case Study of Solomon Islands Peace and Conflict-related Development Analysis
Human Development Report 2005 Authors: Kieren McGovern and Bernard Choulai

Community Reconciliation and Post-Conflict Reconstruction for Peace
by Michael Wessels, 2008

Conflict, Inequality and Dialogue for Conflict Resolution in Latin America: The Cases of Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela
This was prepared by Helen Barnes as a background paper for the UN Human Development Report 2005, UNDP

Guiding Principles on Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding
From the subgroup on Youth Participation in Peacebuilding of the United Nations’ inter-agency Network on Youth Development

Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy
East Asia and Pacific Desk Review and Situation Analysis
From UNICEF Report from the East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, 2014

Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy in Conflict-Affected Contexts Programme
UNICEF Programme Report, 2012 - 2016

Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme
UNICEF Facts Sheet

Peacebuilding Toolkit for Educators - High School Edition
From The United States Institute of Peace

Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution
Peace Operations Training Institute
Note: This is a course
Author: Professor Tom Woodhouse from University of Bradford, UK, 2015

Post-conflict Peacebuilding: Strategies and Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina, El Salvador and Sierra Leone
An United Nations publication that was created by Filip Filipov, an intern from the University of Harvard, under the direction of Mrs. Carmen Artigas, chief of the Human Rights Unit, Social Development Division.

The Role of Education in Peacebuilding
A Literature Review
From UNICEF and Back on Track: The Transition Fund, 2011

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Found on the UN’s website

6 Ways to Successfully Engage Youths in Peacebuilding
Found on the Devex ( website

Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Information for group discussion and examples from around the world (there are hyperlinks in this but probably it’s best to just drop them if needed - there is enough text on the page itself that it’s ok without the hyperlinks

Stories from #YouthWill Build Peace: (