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Core JavaScript Guide 1.5
Core JavaScript Guide

About this Book

New Features in this Release
What You Should Already Know
JavaScript Versions
Where to Find JavaScript Information
Document Conventions
Chapter 1 JavaScript Overview
What Is JavaScript?
JavaScript and Java
JavaScript and the ECMA Specification
Relationship Between JavaScript and ECMA Versions
JavaScript Documentation vs. the ECMA Specification
JavaScript and ECMA Terminology
New Features in this Release

Part 1 Core Language Features

Chapter 2 Values, Variables, and Literals

Data Type Conversion
Declaring Variables
Evaluating Variables
Variable Scope
Array Literals
Boolean Literals
Floating-Point Literals
Object Literals
String Literals
Unicode Compatibility with ASCII and ISO
Unicode Escape Sequences
Displaying Characters with Unicode
Chapter 3 Expressions and Operators
Assignment Operators
Comparison Operators
Arithmetic Operators
Bitwise Operators
Logical Operators
String Operators
Special Operators
Operator Precedence
Chapter 4 Regular Expressions
Creating a Regular Expression
Writing a Regular Expression Pattern
Using Simple Patterns
Using Special Characters
Using Parentheses
Working With Regular Expressions
Using Parenthesized Substring Matches
Executing a Global Search, Ignoring Case, and Considering Multiline Input
Changing the Order in an Input String
Using Special Characters to Verify Input
Chapter 5 Statements
Block Statement
Conditional Statements
if...else Statement
switch Statement
Loop Statements
for Statement
do...while Statement
while Statement
label Statement
break Statement
continue Statement
Object Manipulation Statements Statement
with Statement
Exception Handling Statements
The throw Statement
The try...catch Statement
Chapter 6 Functions
Defining Functions
Calling Functions
Using the arguments Array
Predefined Functions
eval Function
isFinite Function
isNaN Function
parseInt and parseFloat Functions
Number and String Functions
escape and unescape Functions
Chapter 7 Working with Objects
Objects and Properties
Creating New Objects
Using Object Initializers
Using a Constructor Function
Indexing Object Properties
Defining Properties for an Object Type
Defining Methods
Using this for Object References
Defining Getters and Setters
Deleting Properties
Predefined Core Objects
Array Object
Boolean Object
Date Object
Function Object
Math Object
Number Object
RegExp Object
String Object
Chapter 8 Details of the Object Model
Class-Based vs. Prototype-Based Languages
Defining a Class
Subclasses and Inheritance
Adding and Removing Properties
Summary of Differences
The Employee Example
Creating the Hierarchy
Object Properties
Inheriting Properties
Adding Properties
More Flexible Constructors
Property Inheritance Revisited
Local versus Inherited Values
Determining Instance Relationships
Global Information in Constructors
No Multiple Inheritance

Part 2 Working with LiveConnect

Chapter 9 LiveConnect Overview

Working with Wrappers
JavaScript to Java Communication
The Packages Object
Working with Java Arrays
Package and Class References
Arguments of Type char
Handling Java Exceptions in JavaScript
Java to JavaScript Communication
Using the LiveConnect Classes
Data Type Conversions
JavaScript to Java Conversions
Java to JavaScript Conversions


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