Slope Formula

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Lesson Objective
This lesson shows you how the slope formula is derived and some visual examples on using it.
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About This Lesson
After defining the slope of a line as the ratio of the 'change in y' and 'change in x', we can use this definition to derive the slope formula.

This lesson will show you logical steps in deriving this formula. Also, you will able to see some visual examples on using this formula.

You can proceed by reading the study tips first or watch the math video or try out the practice questions.
Slope formula or gradient formula

Study Tips

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Tip #1
Understand how the 'change in y' and 'change in x' are calculated. To recall them, you can watch the math video in the slope of a line lesson.
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Tip #2
It is important to understand the slope formula before using it. You will be more comfortable using the formula once you have understood it.
Now, watch the following math video to learn more.

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Practice Questions & More

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Now, let's try some MCQ questions to understand this lesson better.

You can start by going through the series of questions on slope formula or pick your choice of question below.
  1. Question 1 on using the slope formula