Graphs: The Coordinate Plane

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Lesson Objective
This lesson shows you the basic parts of the Coordinate plane.
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Why Learn This?
This plane is one of the most important idea behind graphs. A lot of mathematical ideas are created using this plane.

This also means that if you are taking up math, you definitely will come across it.

Study Tips

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Tips #1
These are the parts of the plane you should remember:
  1. Horizontal axis (also called x-axis)
  2. Vertical axis (also called y-axis)
  3. The point of Origin
  4. Quadrants
So, where are these parts located in the plane? Watch the video below to find out.

Math Video

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If the above player doesn't work, try this direct link.

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Math Video Transcript

Practice Questions & More

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Now, let's try some MCQ questions to understand this lesson better.

You can start by going through the series of the Coordinate plane questions here or pick your question below.
  1. Question 1 on the basic parts of the plane
  2. Question 2 on the basic parts of the plane