Algebra Variables

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Lesson Objective
This lesson introduces you to algebra. You will get to know what algebra variables are all about.
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About This Lesson
Algebra sounds taunting? Don't be, algebra is not as difficult as it seems.

Rather than thinking algebra like an alien from outer space, think of it as a transition from the usual number manipulation to something that is more flexible.

In this lesson, you will be introduced to the one of the most important concept in algebra - variables.
Transition from number to variable

Study Tips

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Tip #1
When you begin learning algebra, the first thing you that should familiarize with is algebra variable.
Now, watch the following math videos to know more.

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Practice Questions & More

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Now, let's try some MCQ questions to understand this lesson better.

You can start by going through the series of questions on algebra variables or pick your choice of question below.
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