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< prev - next > Waste management best_practices_iswm (Printable PDF)
training by involved stakeholders - have reinforced the
progress. The resource management movement (Reduce,
Reuse, and Recycle) is providing a useful direction to
the project.
The approach used by Hetauda municipality, CBOs and
NGOs to mobilise the community to reduce its waste at
source, has effectively developed understanding of the
solid waste management system. Similarly, the
involvement of civil society (there are considerable
number of civil society organisations working in waste
reduction) has created conditions that are conducive to
sustainable waste management. The involvement of
GTZ-UDLE, UNDP, UEIP and UN-Habitat has played an
important role in upgrading waste management in
Hetauda. The municipality's capacity to support civil
society's involvement is an additional factor that has
supported waste reduction measures. In summary, this
movement is contributing to the achievement of the
programme goal.
Replicable best practice
By demonstrating success in reducing the amounts of
plastic waste that are scattered and dumped, this
programme has also assisted in building a valuable
relationship between women's groups and TLOs.
Overall process
Collection of plastic at HH level
Monthly collection of plastic by clubs and TLOs
Secondary collection by the
Community Development Section
Sale & disposal
Sale of recyclable plastic
Dumping of non recyclable
plastic waste at the
riverside dump
Contact details: Dhruba Bhujel, Dhruba Adhikari, Community Development Section, Suiro Abhiyan, Hetauda municipality
Partner contact: Hetauda municipality, Nepal
Phone: 057-20433