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Wash the crushed honeycombs in water until they are free of
dirt and honey. Put them into a suitable cloth sack and tie with
string. Heat a good quantity of water in an old cooking pot. Put
in the sack of honeycomb and push it down under the water.
push the sack
under the water
cloth sack
cooking pot
containing hot
Keep heating the water gently. It should not boil. Keep pressing
the bag until all the comb has melted. The melted wax will run
through the mesh and rise to the surface of the water.
the sack
to remove
the wax
the wax
runs out of
the sack
into the
Squeeze the last wax out of the bag between two sticks with a
rolling movement. Take care, the bag is hot. The wax will go
solid on the surface of the water as it cools.
Basic Beekeeping Manual 1: How to Harvest Beeswax (© Author Pam Gregory, who offers this as her gift to
beekeepers in developing countries)