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Diseases carried by ticks
East coast Fever
Practical Action
East coast fever is a disease of cattle which is transmitted
Also known as
by the brown ear tick. The tick is normally found in high,
wet and cool areas. It attaches itself around the animal's
Ngai (Embu, Gikuyu, Kamba),
ears. East coast fever is a killer disease, which is more
shilmi dimtu (Gabbra), sosoito
severe in young animals.
(Kipsigis), yapwolo (Luidakho),
olitikana (Maasai), evivitu
(Maragoli), ita (Meru), lipis (Sam
Loss of appetite.
buru), lokit (Turkana)
Decreased milk production.
High temperature.
Hair stands up.
Swollen Lymph nodes, especially those in front of the shoulder blades.
Rapid breathing.
Blood spots or mucus in the
Sometimes very small red spots at
the base of the tongue, on the gums,
eyelids and vulva.
Clouded eyes; eyes filled with tears.
Discharge from the nostrils.
East coast fever is caused by a protozoa. This tiny organism multiplies in the lymph nodes,
making them swell. Animals that recover show some degree of resistance. Local animals are
more resistant than exotic breeds.
If you suspect an animal has east coast fever, you must inform the authorities immediately.
See the general comments on prevention.
Boil 2 kg of leaves and bark of kyatha (Synadenium compactum) shrub in 1 Tree Top
bottle (700 ml) of water. Sieve and drench. (Kamba)