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Packaging materials for Foods
Practical Action
Bottles and jars for fruit juices, squashes and juice concentrates, vinegar, cooking oil, milk,
wine, syrup and, and as drums for salt and bulk fruit juices (HDPE, polyvinyl chloride).
Bottles for carbonated drinks (polyethylene terephthalate (PET) - PET is a very strong
transparent glossy film that is a good moisture and gas barrier. It is biaxially oriented to
develop the strength for use in carbonated drinks bottles.
Squeezable bottles and pots for mustard, mayonnaise, jams, tomato ketchup and other
sauces (polypropylene coextruded with ethylene vinyl alcohol).
Trays for chocolates, eggs, or soft fruit.
Foam cartons or trays for eggs, fresh fruits and takeaway meals (polystyrene).
Packaging suppliers
A comprehensive list of worldwide packaging suppliers and
support institutions is provided by Packaging International at
Agents for packaging companies in the capital city are the best
source of information on what is available locally and the relative
costs of different materials. Orders cannot be placed directly
with packaging manufacturers, but their websites have technical
information on the range of products that they produce, for
Polypropylene, company information from Total
Tinplate and tin free steel cans, company information from
JFE Steel Corporation
Types of glass, company information from British Glass
Fig. 5. Plastic bottles used
for fruit squashes. (Photo:
Peter Fellows)
Packaging Foods in Glass, Practical Action Technical Brief
Filling and Sealing Packaged Foods, Practical Action Technical Brief
Canning of Foods, Practical Action Technical Brief
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