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< prev - next > Food processing Food Hygiene and Safety KnO 100260_Making safe food (Printable PDF)
Making Safe Food
Keep the food room clean before
work, during production and after
you have finished. Hang brushes
and cloths up to dry after use. Store
the cleaning equipment in a
separate cupboard to the food and
processing equipment. Keep all
chemicals, pesticides, poisons ·and
detergents away from food in a
separate storage area.
Practical Action
Do not let dirt gather on window
sills, around table legs, work
surfaces' or equipment.
Kitchen work surfaces, such as
floors and sinks, quickly build up
a layer of grease and food debris
rich in bacteria. Bacteria can
easily be transferred to food from
dirty work surfaces, knives and
other kitchen implements. All work
surfaces need to be washed
regularly with hot water and
Keep all food in the food room covered. Clear up any spills as you work and do not leave wastes
on floors, in drains or on work surfaces. Keep all wastes in covered bins and take them outside at
regular intervals, disposing of them away from the food rooms. Lids should be kept firmly on bins
and waste sacks should be securely fastened before putting them out for collection.
Put table legs in pots of water or kerosene to stop ants crawling up them. .