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Making Safe Food
Practical Action
hepatitis A which are spread by dirty water, shellfish from polluted areas, fruits and vegetables
contaminated by faeces or salad prepared in unhygienic conditions.
To limit the spread of micro-organisms in their animals, formers must observe good hygiene
practices on the farm, during transportation and at slaughter. Food processors must also observe
good hygiene practices and correct processing techniques to prevent the spread of micro-
organisms in processed food.
Illness is caused by eating food containing a significant amount of harmful (pathogenic) bacteria.
Poisoning bacteria can cause illness either by producing poison in food before it is eaten or by
continuing to multiply inside the body after eating. The symptoms of an attack of food poisoning
can include stomach pains, diarrhoea, vomiting, headache, fever and aching limbs. Sometimes
the illness lasts for days, weeks or months and in some cases, it can kill.
The buildings
The condition of the building, the materials of construction and its position must be suitable for
food production otherwise, legally, it is not allowed.
Walls, floors, doors, windows, ceilings and other parts of the room, should be kept clean and in
good repair.
Animals should not be allowed in or near the buildings.
Toilets should not open directly into the food room or store room, or be located in a place where
the odours can reach these rooms.
Toilets, drains and sinks etc should be kept clean and in good repair.
Food rooms and store rooms should not be used for sleeping in and should not join directly onto
a sleeping place.
Protect the food room against flies,
cockroaches, ants, birds, rats and other
animals including pets. They will contaminate
the room and may spread disease to the food
if they enter it. Make sure that they cannot
get in through the doors, windows, drains or
under the roof. Do not keep animals near the
Protect the drains with wire mesh where they
leave the food room to stop rats, cockroaches
and other insects from entering the building. Be
sure to clean the mesh often. Make sure that
there is good lighting and ventilation in the food
room to help stop accidents, reduce steam