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Making Safe Food
Practical Action
The following selected text books contain further information on the safe handling and
processing of foods.
FAO, Codex Alimentarius. Volume 1 B: General requirements (food hygiene) Rome, FAO,
UNIFEM, Dairy Processing: Food cycle technology source book, London, Intermediate
Technology Publications (ITPL 1996.
UNIFEM, Fish Processing: Food cycle technology source book, London, ITP, 1993.
UNIFEM, Fruit and Vegetable Processing: Food cycle technology source book, London,
ITP, 1993.
S.E.Johnson & I.J.Clucas, Maintaining Fish Quality: An Illustrated Guide, Chatham,
Natural Resources Institute, 1996.
FAO, Manual of Food Quality Control, Rome, FAO.
UNIFEM, Packaging: Food cycle technology source books, London, ITP, 1996.
D.A.Shapton & N.F.Shapton, Principles and Practices for the Safe Processing of Foods,
Cambridge, Woodhead Publications.
Transferring bacteria from outside sources
Using dirty implements
Cutting food up on a dirty board or surface
Infecting cooked food with bacteria from raw food
Preparing food with unwashed hands
Using food that has fallen onto the floor
Biting fingernails and licking fingers
Serving food on dirty plates
Washing up with dirty cloths
Creating ideal growth conditions for microbes
Not heating food to a high enough temperature
Cooking food too soon and letting it cool for too long too slowly before serving
Leaving perishable foods around at room temperature
Reheating food slowly or insufficiently
Storing flour in a damp cupboard
Forgetting to defrost the fridge regularly