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Cheese making in Ayacucho, Peru
Practical Action
After several meetings, his project plan was approved by the Ayacucho Regional Government.
In good time, help appeared from entities like Caritas, ADRA Peru, MINAG or the Belgian
Technical Cooperation Agency, who mainly helped with training and technical assistance in
the farms.
Cheese plants: takeoff
The project’s greatest achievement was the implementation of cheese plants in three
communities (Manzanayocc, Alpachaka and Cusibamba), planned and implemented jointly
with the local population who provided labour. The project also helped equip the plant with
special laboratory materials, ideal for obtaining quality products.
Before the cheese plants existed, cheeses were made in improvised areas that obviously
accounted for the poor quality of the final product. “Producers worked in their homes”, said
Danny Bautista, “using inappropriate equipment that did not ensure consumer safety. “The