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< prev - next > Environment and adaptation to climate change adapting to climate change in sri lanka (Printable PDF)
Evaluation findings & lessons …..cont.d
Green belt
Awareness , training and planting programmes have helped community on
environmental conservation and management practices
However , community and partner organization involvement for maintenance of
plantation is not at the satisfactory level in post Tsunami context
Lesson :
- Lack of knowledge and coordination on coastal vegetation development
among the communities and organizations limits proper establishment
of green belts.
- 25% plant survival is not abnormal in difficult conditions
it is important to manage expectations and adopt low-effort planting
Diving and ecotourism
Both the options have increasing potential in the costal areas as alternative
livelihood options
Further training on business plan development and marketing is essential and
linking with financial institutions
Lesson :
- Need to consider employment opportunities and risks involved before
providing training and equipment