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Nine posters were presented in a lunchtime session at the Seminar. These are listed below and the posters can be
accessed on the Practical Action website at
Rural transformations: Livelihood adaptation to climate
change in Uganda Sarah Cooper PhD Student. Walker
Institute for Climate System Research, School of
Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of
Climate change resilience in vulnerable communities:
The role of information and communication technologies
(ICTs) Angelica Ospina PhD Student. School of
Environment and Development, University of Manchester
Cyclone resistant and flood adapted affordable building
design in south west Bangladesh Blanche Cameron,
Consultants. RESET Development.
Mainstreaming local perceptions of hurricane risk into
policymaking: A case study of community mapping in
Mexico Prasanna Krishna Krishnamurthy, Research
Assistant, Oxford University
Institutional structures for climate change adaptation
Jon Ensor, Climate Change Policy Officer, Practical Action
Reducing vulnerability through sustainable livelihoods -
youths’ perspectives from an urban slum
Phil Rundell, Masters in Disasters, Adaptation and
Development, King’s College, London.
Livelihood centred approach to resilience building
Vajira Hettige, Practical Action Sri Lanka; Priyanka
Mohan, IDRC, India; Nihal Atapattu, Canadian
International Development Agency, Sri Lanka Vajira.
Community based initiatives in disaster risk reduction
and climate change adaptation in coastal region of
Bangladesh Mehdi Azam, Masters student, Albert-
Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany,
Disaster risk reduction: Building disaster resilient
communities (BDRC) approach Jerome Faucet, Policy
and Research Officer, Christian Aid
This briefing paper and seminar are the fourth in a series
organized by the Livelihoods Network and funded by the
Economic and Social Research Council. For more details
of the seminar series, please visit:
Practical Action is an international development agency working with poor communities to help them choose and use
technology to improve their lives for today and generations to come. Our work in Africa, Asia and Latin America is in
partnership with poor people and their communities, using technology to challenge poverty. We work with poor people to
build their capabilities, improve their access to technical options and knowledge and help them to influence the social,
economic and institutional systems for the use of technology.
For further information, please contact:
Reducing Vulnerability Team,
The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development
Bourton on Dunsmore
Warwickshire, CV23 9QZ
T +44 (0)1926 634400
F +44 (0)1926 634401
Practical Action Ltd.
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