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Solar photovoltaic energy
Practical Action
PV applications in lesser developed countries
Rural electrification
lighting and power supplies for remote building (mosques, churches, temples etc farms,
schools, mountain refuge huts) - low wattage fluorescent or LED lighting is recommended:
power supplies for remote villages:
street lighting:
individual house systems (solar home systems):
battery charging:
mini grids.
See the Practical Action Technical Brief Rural Lighting
Water pumping and treatment systems
pumping for drinking water:
pumping for irrigation:
dewatering and drainage:
ice production:
saltwater desalination systems:
water purification.
See the Practical Action Technical Brief Solar PV Waterpumping
Health care systems
lighting in rural clinics:
UHF transceivers between health centres:
vaccine refrigeration:
ice pack freezing for vaccine carriers:
blood storage refrigerator.
PV is frequently used to power vaccine refrigeration in remote health centres. See the Practical
Action Technical Brief Solar Photovoltaic Refrigeration of Vaccines.
radio repeaters:
remote TV and radio receivers:
remote weather measuring:
mobile radios:
rural telephone kiosks:
data acquisition and transmission (for example,
river levels and seismographs).
Transport aids
road sign lighting:
railway crossings and signals:
hazard and warning lights:
navigation buoys:
road markers.
Security systems
security lighting:
remote alarm system:
electric fences.
ventilation systems:
Figure 3: The La Encanada infocentre,
Peru has solar panels to generate
electricity and a satellite for connectivity.
Photo: Practical Action / Jaime Soto.