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Aerial ropeways of Nepal
Practical Action
Wire Bridges (Tuin) are an
indigenous technology, and one
of the most common structures
for river crossing in the hilly
regions of rural Nepal. There
are more than 6000 rivers in
Nepal, most of them with no
means of crossing. Many
people die trying to cross during
the monsoon season.
There are more than 15 tuin in
operation along the Trisuli
River, each one serving
approximately 50 households
(300 people).
Tuin is the main means of river crossing for the people
of Kalleri Village, Dhading
Photo: U. Shrestha / Practical Action Nepal
The new design of tuin
Practical Action Nepal has conducted a study looking to improve the existing technology.
Ideas for improving the design came form the local community during discussions with
Practical Action technical experts. The community expressed concerns about the safety of
traditional tuins. Many people have lost fingers while operating tuins, and there also is the
danger of falling out of a trolley while crossing a river. Practical Action has come up with low-
cost improvements that address usersconcerns.
One of the first changes was to develop a safe
trolley to prevent people falling out. Seats were
added and sidebars installed. Practical Action
Nepal then went on to develop a new pulley
system that makes pulling the trolley easier and
eliminates the risk of trapping fingers in the
mechanism. The pulley and bearing system
also reduces friction and lessens the effort
required to cross the river, doubling the overall
Photo: Practical Action