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Aerial ropeways of Nepal
Practical Action
rope to the operator at the down-station. The operator at the down-station then applies the
hand brake to control the flywheel.
The cost primarily depends upon the local topography, angle of inclination, the ropeway span
at inclination between the two stations, and use of local raw materials and construction
Braking system
The braking system is used to control the speed of the trolley during landing at the down
platform. This is done by applying force to the handle. Brake strips are connected to a fixed
support at one end, and to the brake handle at the other end.
Trolley guide pulley system
The trolley guide pulley system guides and provides cushioning effect to the support wire
rope, as well as converting gravitational force into kinetic energy. The system consists of a
pulley guide and a dummy pulley attached to the supporting channel. The wire rope slides
between the two pulleys. The ring connected to the trolley hanger is also attached to the