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Faults and remedies
1) Exhaust manifold broken or cracked
2) Silencer pipe cracked
3) Silencer box jammed due to burnt or leaked carbon
4) Tail pipe leaking or cracked
Repair or change
Repair or change
Repair or change
3.2 Starting system
The system starts the engine by providing the initial
rotations via :
· Hand-starting system
· Self-starting system
· Rope-starting system
· Pedal-starting system
3.2.1 Hand-starting system:
Hand-starting system is generally used in one
cylinder diesel engine.
There is no fault in this system, one handle is
used for starting.( Water,
lubricant and fuel must be checked before
3.3 Fuel system
Engine fuel system is very
important through which
the fuel is taken out of the
fuel tank for combustion.
Essential components:
· fuel tank
· fuel line
· fuel filter
· low-pressure feed pump
· high-pressure fuel pump and
· injector / atomizer