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Program goals
Since the actual installation of a biogas plant is ultimately the decision of the individual
investor, it is important that the program goals and the organizational environment is
conducive to affirmative individual decisions. The prerequisites for this must be established
at all planning stages by and for all sectors concerned. A biogas program which is part of a
larger development program must harmonize with the other departments of the parent
program. The introduction of biogas as an alternative source of energy affects various
sectors, each of which functions within its own specific structural setting. These, of course,
vary from one country to another. As a rule, the responsibilities within a biogas program
should be distributed along the lines of existing contacts with the corresponding target
groups. If, for example, certain farmers are considered the target group of an information
campaign, it would be appropriate to have the ministry of agriculture be involved in the
biogas program.
No new administrative bodies should be established for performing the above tasks. Instead,
it is advisable to set up biogas promotion units or biogas contact persons within the existing
departments and agencies. Within the framework of a well-established development
program, particular importance should be attached to self-help groups, voluntary agencies
and/or private foundations.
The authorities’ efforts in favor of biogas promotion will be more effective, if sufficient detailed
information is placed in the hands of the self-help groups. The concerned administrative
bodies must disseminate the requisite information and provide inexperienced groups with a
satisfactory explanation of how to best exploit the promotional options available to them.
Practical assistance should be offered wherever possible. Active self-help groups will then
become ideal multipliers.