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< prev - next > Energy Biogas ARTI biodigester construction manual (Printable PDF)
Threaded joints should be sealed using PTFE tape (teflon) (photo 22). The tape is wound over the male
threading around 10 times in a clockwise direction.
22. 23.
As shown in photo 23 the inlet should be extended on the inside of the tank.
On the outside, the inlet is fitted with a cap on one side of the T to enable the pipe to be unblocked or the
bio-digester to be drained if necessary. This is connected by screwing onto the male fitting (photo 24). Two
large pipe wrenches are needed: one to tighten the cap and the other to prevent the male fitting from
moving (photo 25.)
24. 25.
Rubber washers are installed ach side of the tank wall (5.3). Silicone should be applied between the rubber
washers and the inlet/ outlet holes for extra sealing. Apply to all non-threaded joints between the pipe and