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< prev - next > Energy Biogas ARTI biodigester construction manual (Printable PDF)
sides, next to the tank wall). The Residue Outlet can be sealed with two normal washers and one thick
washer on the inside, but only one rubber washer on the outside of the tank.
5.2 Feedstock Inlet
The existing inlet to the large tank can be used for the feedstock inlet (approximately 8cm from the floor
to the centre of the hole.) However it must be widened to 4” (the method is explained in [5].)
D1 ARTI BIODIGESTOR – Entrée du Composter
Tank interior is on the left. There are two rubber washers and a thicker washer (black) on each side of the tank.
The pipes and fittings are connected to make the inlet and outlet as shown in Diagram D1.
15. 16.