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2. 3.
4.2 Cut the hole
5. 6.
Penetrate with a hammer and chisel so that the jigsaw blade can pass through (chiseling is easier
with another person pushing from the inside.) Then cut along the marked line with the jigsaw
Make the initial cut based on the hole you have marked Check that it is large enough for the small tank
Cut again until it is the right size.
The final hole should be approximately 8cm wider than the small tank diameter- there should be 4cm of
space on each side of the small tank. This allows the small tank to float upwards when full. Make sure that
there is enough space for the small tank to float past the female fitting on the inside of the outlet of the
fermenter (see section 5.4 for details- it will be cut but the threading must be left.) Use a file so that the
edge is left smooth.