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< prev - next > Energy Biogas ARTI biodigester construction manual (Printable PDF)
32. The gas burner with its iron stand
A stand for the gas burner can be welded from iron bar (1.5cm Ø + 2.5cm Ø tubular iron for the legs.) The
fittings needed to attach the gas hose to the burner are as follows:
(Gas hose) ½ “ metal nipple (hose attachment with a hose clamp) ½ “ shut off valve ½ “ metal nipple
gas burner
5.6 Sealing the higher outlet from the small tank
This should be sealed with a cap to prevent gas leakage.
6 Float Limiting Structure.
To prevent the gas holder (the smaller tank) from rising too high, a structure is attached to the outer tank
as shown in photo 33. Three lengths of 1”PVC pipe are connected together with 90º elbows to form inverted
‘U’ shapes (140cm 129cm 140cm.) This is built twice. The two structures are connected over the bio-
digester in an ‘X’ formation.