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30. The Residue Outlet
5.5 Gas outlet
The gas outlet is connected to the lower inlet to the smaller tank (this tank is upside down so it appears to
be the higher inlet.) Connecting to this fitting means that there is a small space above the gas outlet from
which gas cannot escape. An alternative is to make a new hole in the middle of the top of the gas holder
and connect the gas outlet there. This option is more complicated for construction, as it requires making
and sealing a new hole as well as sealing off the existing fitting. However, it does have the benefit of
allowing all the gas to escape from the gas holder.
31. Connection of the gas outlet.
The fittings to be installed are as follows:
(Male inlet to tank) 1 ½ “ coupler 1 ½ - ¾ “ male to female reducer ¾- ½“ male to female reducer
½ “ adaptor to flexible hose flexible hose (attached with a hose clamp)
Use silicone to seal the joint to the inlet