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Water Treatment During Reconstruction
Practical Action
This brief has covered some of the main practical solutions to water treatment, in the context of
the different stages of the reconstruction process. To generalise:
At the emergency stage of the reconstruction process, quality of water is often secondary
to quantity, provided that minimum standards can be met. Relief organisations are likely
to control water supplies, and may have to forgo certain treatments if insufficient time or
infrastructure exists.
The application of small scale solutions allows additional treatment of water supplies to
take place on a cost-effective and mobile basis.
Whilst people are displaced in transitional shelters, the upgrade of water distribution and
sanitary facilities will likely improve the quality of water from source. Existing treatment
facilities can be scaled up or improved.
Advanced treatment facilities require larger-scale engineering solutions, with extensive
community involvement in construction and operation. These are best suited to more
permanent stages of reconstruction where benefits can be felt over a longer period.
The technologies in this brief are by no means an exhaustive list, and new innovations may come
to market. The following is a list of references and further reading that will elaborate more on the
technologies covered here, and provide links to organisations that could provide further solutions:
References & Further Reading
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