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Water Treatment During Reconstruction
Practical Action
Potters for Peace
An organisation devoted to socially responsible development and grass roots accompaniment
among potters. The organisation was started by the late Ron Rivera born to Puerto Rican parents
in the Bronx USA. Its design of ceramic water filter was developed by Guatemalan chemist,
Fernando Mazariegos and has water filter projects worldwide.
First Water
Specialists in Low-cost ceramic water filters for emergency and long-term deployment.
Marathon Ceramics
Small-scale ceramic water filters - Newton water gravity filter systems for emergency
preparedness, disaster relief and remote locations. E-water group siphon filter for emergency
drinking water or for remote communities schools and hospitals.
Newcastle University
Newcastle University engineers developed a simple water filter. The unit designed by Dr Paul
Sallis and others can be made from local materials. The design is based on a mixture of clay and
crop residues - such as rice husks or bran to produce a ceramic filter. Work was done at the
International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Bangladesh, training village potters to
make the filters.
University of Delaware
Researchers have developed an inexpensive, nonchlorine-based technology that can remove
harmful microorganisms, including viruses, from drinking water. Developed jointly by researchers
in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Engineering, It
incorporates highly reactive iron in the filtering process. Currently, the Centre for Affordable Water
and Sanitation Technology in Calgary, Canada,
Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd. RAWCS
Save Water Save Lives
Solar water distillation purifier project. An initiative of RAWCS Limited Central Region and is
under the Save Water Save Lives Committee from the Central Region.
"Remediation-in-a-bucket" technique for As-contaminated drinking water in poor communities"
The two components are a water purifier called Slingshot that uses a fraction of the power of
alternatives and a Stirling engine based power generator that works on cow dung. The $1500
water purifier will produce 1000 liters of water a day, while the generator produces around 1 kW,
which is enough to deliver light to a small village.
Personal water treatment products