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< prev - next > Disaster response mitigation and rebuilding Reconstruction Water Treatment during Reconstruction (Printable PDF)
Water Treatment During Reconstruction
Practical Action
Lifewater International
Water Treatment Overview
Methods of Water Treatment (RWS.3.M) PDF
Determining the Need for Water Treatment (RWS.3.P.1) PDF
Taking a Water Sample (RWS.3.P.2) PDF
Analyzing a Water Sample (RWS.3.P.3) PDF
Planning a Water Treatment System (RWS.3.P.4) PDF
Water Treatment in Emergencies (RWS.3.D.5) PDF
Household Water Treatment
Designing Basic Household Water Treatment Systems (RWS.3.D.1) PDF
Constructing a Household Sand Filter (RWS.3.C.1) PDF
Operating and Maintaining Household Treatment Systems (RWS.3.O.1) PDF
Sedimentation Basins
Designing a Small Community Sedimentation Basin (RWS.3.D.2) PDF
Constructing a Sedimentation Basin (RWS.3.C.2) PDF
Operating and Maintaining a Sedimentation Basin (RWS.3.O.2) PDF
Slow Sand Filters
Designing a Slow Sand Filter (RWS.3.D.3) PDF
Constructing a Slow Sand Filter (RWS.3.C.3) PDF
Operating and Maintaining a Slow Sand Filter (RWS.3.O.3) PDF
Disinfection Units
Designing a Small Community Disinfection Unit (RWS.3.D.4) PDF
Constructing a Disinfection Unit (RWS.3.C.4) PDF
Operating and Maintaining a Chemical Disinfection Unit (RWS.3.O.4) PDF
This document was written by Martin Bounds for Practical Action March 2012
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