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< prev - next > Disaster response mitigation and rebuilding Reconstruction PCR Tool 10 Quality Control (Printable PDF)
4. Suresh, V. Disaster Mitigation, Bold New Initiatives,
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Practical Resources
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Preparedness (NCPDP), Ahmedabad, India.
Resistant_Construction_in_India.htm (summary)
publications/v.php?id=11707 (full version)
6. GTZ (undated) Quality Assurance Method (QAM)
for Post-tsunami housing in Matara District, A
participatory tool to evaluate quality, German
Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and District Secretariat,
Matara, currently unavailable on the internet.
Complementary documents include Training Module
for Quality Assessment Method for Post-Tsunami
Housing Programme, produced by GTZ and Practical
Action South Asia, and Quality Assurance Guidelines
for Building Construction by Practical Action South
Asia, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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