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< prev - next > Disaster response mitigation and rebuilding Emergency relief Cash for Work Sahel _ English (Printable PDF)
7. A general assembly is held to validate the results with community members
who have the chance to contest the results and come to consensus
regarding an alternative proposition.
10. Identify with communities the most strategic, long-term benefit of
recuperated land.
If land recuperation is the nature of the work, it is important for
communities to think through and with the extension service, designate
the most strategic use of this land to ensure its maximum and
equitable use. This should be a public transparent process to ensure
accountability and the results should be evaluated (e.g. 2-3 years ) after
an intervention.
11. Provide initial payment in short order.
In the context of food insecurity, the target population is likely weak and
under nourished, therefore payment should not be delayed more than a
single week after work has begun. Even if the payment schedule changes
to bi-monthly after the first payment, the designers should be sensitive to
the fact that workers may be critically undernourished while performing
hard labor.
12. In a public forum like a general assembly, recognize the dedication,
the additional hours worked and the spirit of community service given by
management committee members.
Because this is community led work and because the national policy does
not permit some members to be paid more than others regardless of the
Bank officers pay CFW participants as CRS staff monitor the activity.
Souradja Mahaman