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Integrated soil fertility
Practical Action
Important issue for consideration
The most important thing in soil fertility improvement is to get the plant to use the nutrients
that are applied. The key is to ensure that we have good growing conditions so that the crop
can take up and make use of the applied nutrients. It means that we must have a productive
crop variety suited to that area, planting must be properly done, pests, weeds and diseases
must be controlled, in fact, all operations must be done properly. One important aspect of
proper conditions is balanced nutrition. There must be an adequate supply of all of the other
nutrients if the crop is to make use of the applied nutrients.
Investing in soil fertility management using this method is necessary to help households
mitigate many of the characteristics of poverty, for example by improving the quantity and
quality of food, income, and resilience of soil productive capacity.
However, there seems to be some confusion as to how this yield increase can be achieved. In
many parts of the world, there is an incessant search for new high yielding crop varieties.
These new varieties often fail to increase crop production. Why? High crop yields needs the
same three things; good crop producing machine (the variety), a good supply of raw materials
(nutrients, water, sunlight, air) and a good manager (the farmer) to make sure things run
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